Well design 4 bedroom bungalow with a pent house

Beds: 4
Baths: 5


This is a well design 4 bedroom bungalow apartment with a pent house that is exclusively design for the master. As you approach the building the first place you gain access to is the ante room, the ante room has a sit out where the visitor toilet is attached to, and from the ante room you access a lobby that gives you access to the guest bedroom.

The ante room still has a direct connection with the main lounge and from the main lounge you can have access to the sit out area or the dinning section, from the dining room you can access the general lobby that gives you access to the kitchen or the remaining three other bedrooms and a study room. The kitchen is design to have a veranda and a store.

The master bedroom has an hidden stair way that connect you to the pent house and from the master bedroom there is a connection inside to the madam bedroom for easy access to each other.

All the rooms in this well design 4 bedroom apartment are design to standard bedroom size except the master bedroom which is slightly bigger than the standard size. The whole rooms including the pent house in this 4 bedroom apartment has a standard toilet and bathroom size attached to it.

This 4 bedroom house design is suitable for a plot of land or any land size that is more than a plot; it will not fit into half a plot. If you are okay with the perspective view you can request for floor plan or the completed PDF house plan set that you can download immediately after payment.


  • Plan ID:
  • Floor plan area(sqft):
    2767.08 sqft
  • Floor plan dimensions(ft):
    40.35 x 68.57 ft
  • Rooms:
  • Beds:
  • Baths:
  • Plan Status:

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  • 4 bedroom bungalow

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  1. Saturday
    September 28, 2021

    Please how much does it cost to build this kind of house? And I do need the plan as well.

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