Different ways to make your home beautiful again

March 30, 2021
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Making your home look decent and unique is very easy, growing up as a child surrounded with homes full of plain colors was so boring. I use to think one needs very large amount of money to get a simple creative home decoration until recently, when I got my first apartment, I started with plain paint although I really do not like it but I have no alternatives.

One faithful day an idea of combining colors for painting my wall resonate in my mind and I make my choice of colors for my wall paint. it was pretty cool and I really do not spend much to achieve it. I was encourage and decided to add a designer wall clock and some wall décor.

The result was very satisfying and I was really amazed that with my little income I could come out with cute looking apartment. When my friends and colleague ask me about the secrete of my apartment I try to make it complex for them to understand but later I realize solving problem is my core reason for existence.

So I have choose a simplify ways base on my experience on how you can decorate your home without spending much and your home will still stand the test of time.

Are you tired of the plain walls at your home?
Do you want to make your wall look creative and exclusive, without spending much or without making you spend hours on the task? Do you know that a unique wall design can change the entire look and feel of your room or house.

Here are some wall decoration tips for unique designs.


house plan creative homeYOUR choice of color can greatly enhance the end result of your design, choose a your favorite theme/color for your wall design. Based on the theme collect whatever items you can to decorate your wall. These items can include stickers, magazine cuttings, small toys etc. If you are good at painting, sketching or drawing, then you can create a simple wall décor with just a few color pencils or a good sketch pencil.


A simple wall décor can just be a display put together on a cardboard or bulletin board. It can be collage of photos. Suppose you were a superhero worshiper in your younger days, you will definitely find a comic collection somewhere in your house. Cut out the comic strips and create a collage and hang it up where you have an empty space.


Collect your kid’s photos, stick them all on a cardboard. Make a simple frame yourself. Use stickers, paints and glitters to make the frame colorful. A simple wall décor idea for your little one’s room that he’ll surely love! Rummage through their toy box, you can find very interesting articles that can create a unique décor.


building plan NigeriaHunt the local bazaar’s OR shop online for antiques. You might find an antique clock or an equally trendy wall clock that might just change the entire look of your room. If you do not mind spending a few cash, visit the home décor shops (specially during sales) and pick an interesting mantel piece or clock to hang up the wall.


Add mirrors, they bring in more light and make the room appear more spacer. you can choose unusual designs, instead of the conventional oval, or square or rectangle.


Make use of simple wall hooks, These days the markets are coming up with interesting wall hooks designs. Choose the one’s that can be used to store as well as hang coats, belts, bags etc.


This is another important aspect of your home décor, always remember to paint the ceiling with a burst of colors to get a psychedelic effect. Lie on your bed, stare at the ceiling and get transported to an entire new world.

Try this simple steps and transform your home into paradise with little or no money spent. CREATIVE homes is not for the rich alone you too can take advantage of your creative mind and turn your home into paradise.

your comments and contribution are highly welcome…. see you in my next article.

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