990+ Modern simple house design ideas

April 7, 2021
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990+ Modern house design ideas

The importance of modern house design ideas is so wide and it goes a long way from understanding the floor plan of individual house design to the various styles in elevations. The interior decoration has also gone viral compare to old ways of decorating houses. Nowadays, most interior decoration has gone from just 2D décor to 3D décor and some are even going on digital decoration designs.

The ideas of bringing modern house design concept from different areas to one place is to enable  you “the reader” get all necessary design ideas needed in your research work.

I have take taken to get all relevant and simple house design ideas from different website  and put together in one place just for you. feel free to go through all the house plan design concept and thank me later.



A stunning home completed for clients in leafy riverside Attadale, this home is a contemporary, customized update of Sea crest Homes highly successful ‘Carnac’ floor plan. Please visit site to see more house design ideas. 

6 bedroom duplex  NigerianHousePlans



Executive 4 Bedroom Duplex Royal Design

house plan 4 bedroom duplex

Executive 4 Bedroom Duplex Royal Design Nigerian house plan is design having you in mind. If you like bogus houses you will love this royal design 4 bedroom house plan, every features in it is slightly bigger than standard house designs. it is specially design for the big boys and girls that needs something extra different from the usual house plan designs.

It has  an entrance porch, a mini lounge and a single volume sitting room which is connected to a dinning area that leads to the lobby where you can access the kitchen, the store and the study room. The guest room is design in a way that serve as a self-contained unit. the rest room are all en-suite and they are located at the upper floor together with a master library and an additional private lounge.

This royal design house plan is ideal for one and half plot of land but it can be modify to fit into one plot of land , you can always request for the ground and upper floor plan for just a little token.

4 bedroom bungalow NigerianHousePlans


Nigerian house plan portable 4 bedroom

4 bedroom bungalow house plan

This portable 4 bedroom bungalow is design for both private and commercial purpose, all the rooms are en suite . it can fit into half plot of land and you still have parking space for just a car. it has a guest room which is disconnected from the rest 3 rooms for security reasons. The main lounge is big enough and is connected to the dinning and the kitchen area. Need the floor plan just let me know.

Fachada Residencial

Fachada Residencial home

5 bedroom duplex with pent house


Nigerian house plans

This is a luxurious duplex design.
On the ground floor, there’s a standard sized living room for visitors, from where one can access the visitor’s bedroom. The visitor’s living room and the visitor’s bedroom is designed to make you have a one-bedroom-flat feel. From the the visitor’s living room leads to a very large main living room with a direct flow into the spacious kitchen.

The kitchen has a big store, and exits into a terrace from which one can access the laundry. From the main living room, there’s a stylish staircase that leads to an open landing on the first floor. From the landing, you can access the master’s bedroom, which has a private link to the Madam’s bedroom. From the open landing, you can also access the family living and the children’s room. Also, from the open landing, you can access the pent floor through a U-shaped staircase.

The pent floor has a living room to itself, a kitchenette, a big bedroom and a large sit-out area that goes almost all round the whole floor.
In all, there are 4 living rooms, 5 bedrooms, 6 toilets and 5 bathrooms in this luxury design.

House Plan Beautifully Designed 5 Bedroom Duplex

building plan Nigeria

This beautifully designed 5 bedroom duplex house plan has all that is needed in a duplex house plan. The sitting room is connected to a spiral staircase. it has a study room, dinning hall with kitchen and a laundry unit. There is still additional living lounge at the first floor and all the rooms are standard room. it is suitable for a plot of land of about 50 x 100 ft. and above. Feel free to contact me.



Traditional 8 bedroom bungalow Nigerian house plan
building plan Nigeria

Looking for a Traditional 8 bedroom bungalow Nigerian house plan? this  is all you need. it is design to serve as a home for a large family, you have 8 bedroom with each having its own toilet and bath system.

All the rooms are of standard room size. There is a court yard at the middle  which receive light directly from sun to illuminate others areas of the building..

The main lounge is very large and is connected to a dinning which have an access way to the kitchen area. Each lobby  is connected to an exit door that send light to the lobby. You can request to have the download of the floor plan.

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