15+ Nigeria modern house plan floor design ideas

August 2, 2021
Nigeria floor plan

15 Nigeria modern house plan  floor  design ideas

Floor plans are basic and well detailed documents needed for the purpose of construction work, in the past most architectural drawings are design using free hand drawing.

With the advent of computer and most CAD application software, it is now very easy to carry out floor plan drawing needed for construction work.

Over the years different house plan floor styles has been established for different clients and i will be using this medium to throw more light on some of the floor plan styles that you might be interested in.

If you like any of the house plan floor style but you have your own idea or concept of how better it would have been, you can drop me a comment at the comment section or simple request for a house plan modification.

One or two room apartment

one room floor plan

This style of building is common in most rural community in Nigeria; it is design to suit the needs of most traders and farmers in the rural areas. The one or two room apartment style of design contain only one room or combine sets of room attached together having separate access door with a common walkway called veranda but the toilets and bathroom are separated from the main room apartment but within the same yard.

This style of floor plan is usually adopted when designing public places like barracks, hostel, dormitories and public quarters in those days for economical reasons.

Present most property business men don’t invest in it any longer because is believed to be outdated and does not fit in modern floor plans ideas.

This type of floor plan design idea does not really need professional architect to be involved with except where the concept of design is such that it will require professional services.

You can easily find this style of design in most Nigeria villages and some part of cities especially in barracks, government quarters and most old university hostel facilities. If you are into property development you can consider requesting for this method of floor plan idea.

Self- contained house design

self-contained floor plan

This is a style of house plan that is suitable for single individual and couples who are low income earners in Nigeria. The design is done in such a way the apartment serve the purpose of main lounge and bedroom, the room is connected in a way that the kitchen and the bathroom can easily by accessed through a common lobby.

You can have severe numbers of self-contained apartment combine together to form residential dwelling units for low income earners at an affordable rate. This type of structure is mostly seen in cities where university is located or busy area with reasonable average income earners.

You have different styles of designing self contained dwelling units from bungalow styles to storey building self contained apartment.
If you are into properties you can consider self contained units apartment in your next construction project.

One bedroom apartment floor plan

house plan one bedroom syle

This house plan floor design style is very unique and comfortable for new bees, who are just starting with their house plan project but with low income. This style of floor plan  is very useful for commercial purpose to invest in property business in Nigeria.

It comprises of one bedroom with main lounge connected to a dining room, kitchen and its verandah. You can also have toilets and front entrance porch on it, depending on the choice of the client. Most one bedroom house plan apartment can be design as a single bungalow dwelling unit, different set of one bedroom unit or duplex form depending on the intended purpose of the client.

If you will like to invest in one bedroom dwelling unit apartment feel free to let me know for more designs of this style of floor plan house design.

Two bedroom floor plan house design

floor plan 2 bedroom

This style of floor plan is suitable for couples with families; it is always design for commercial purpose to serve as means of revenue generation at the end of every year.

Most of the two bedroom floor plan house design comes in different shape and styles and serve different function. The common feature you will need in this floor plan is two rooms, a kitchen, a sitting room/dining, toilets, small lobby and  veranda.

Some two bedroom floor plan carry more features especially if it is design for private use and not for commercial purposes.

Real estate professional patronize this type of floor plan because of the nature of their business, if you are thinking of investing in building development considering adding two bedroom detached or semi- detached because they are hot in demand in Nigeria environment.

Three bedroom floor plan house design

floor plan 3 bedroom

This type of floor plan is more suitable for personal use, although some advanced real estate agent some time develop 3 bedroom floor plan in the style of a duplex for rental purposes.

The common features you can find in a three bedroom floor plan is three rooms with their toilet and closet facilities, the main lounge attached to an entrance porch, a lobby, kitchen, store and laundry.

It can also be design with various shapes depending on the nature of the land and the function of the apartment. You can have it in bungalow type, duplex type or as a storey building of three bedroom block apartment.


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