10 best Smart Ways To Position Your Doors And Windows

October 9, 2021
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windors and house doors position

10 best Smart Ways To Position Your Doors And Windows To Give Room For Better Sitting Room Arangement.

Hello there, welcome to Building Plan Nigeria. Today I will be sharing with you smart ways you can position you doors and windows during your building development to give way for better sitting room arrangement.

Nowadays most building construction lacks proper doors and windows positioning. This may be as a result of oversight on the part of the designer or poor design work.

Be that as it may, it is very important to check the position of your doors and windows before the actual construction.

I will be explaining with five different building illustration in other to give you a guide or clue on what to check out for and how you can arrange your sitting room or main lounge to give adequate space for free movement to others areas of the building.

 A small square sitting room

windors and house doors position

The arrangement of doors and windows should be position in a way that at least two windows should be position in opposite direction to each other.

Avoid positioning windows in places where electronics is likely to be position.

Always position your doors to align with the lobby door connecting the bedrooms and kitchen.

For example the image above shows the arrangement of the sitting room and the positioning of doors and windows.

A sitting room with large area of square meters

windors and house doors position

Care should be taken to position the windows adjacent to each other and remember to position the door in a way that will not affect the sitting arrangement.

The image above illustrates the best way to position a door and window that will create maximum comfort for the occupant of the apartment.

A two bed room commercial apartment

windors and house doors position

Most commercial buildings in Nigeria are victims of this common mistake, at times the front door is position in a way that will not give free movement within the sitting room space, if you are considering building an apartment for rent always remember to position your front door in a way that it will be in the same direction with the lobby door to create free movement space for the sitting room. see illustration below.

A four bed room apartment

The positioning of the door and windows in an apartment that is pretty big enough depends on the shape and other factors.

if you have a big sitting room and if it will not be convenient to align the front door to the lobby door, try as much as possible to create a free walk way around the sitting room in a way that it will not interfere with the sitting room arrangement.

This might not be too important to many home owners and builders but from my experience I really do not feel comfortable seeing beautiful homes from the outside only for me to go inside and discover I have to walk through the centre of the sitting room before I could go to any part of the building.

To me I feel is not proper and is a common mistake that we normally ignore in building practice.

If you are a home owner take pain to find out the position of your front door in respect to the lobby door. Check if the movement from one point to another is as free as possible.





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    I agree with you that windows should not be placed in areas where gadgets are likely to be used. Because my room’s siding has some gaps, I’d like to replace it. To find the right window siding for my space, I’d have to see an expert. Thank you for writing this article!

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