10 best free and paid house or room design software for 2021

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10 Simple Best Free And Paid House Or Room Design Software For 2021

There have been always the need to do things yourself, either as a result of digging dip to know more about a particular house design software application or the result you are expecting from the house or room software tools.

In the past, the use of free hand drawing is very attractive, most people that want to develop their house plan or room space use the method of sketching first, either by a professional or do it themself to have a quik view of how it will look like before commencing on the real work.

Right now the internet has made it very simple to quikly creat a floor plan from scratch or using an exsisting template to carry out house plan drawing with or without the knowlege of basic principle of architecture.

I will be explaining 10 simple best free and paid house or room design software for your daily use. Even if you are not a proffessional you can still use most of the house or room design software to plan your floor or room space in other to get the best out of it.

SmartDrawhouse plan drawing tool

This sofware is versatile but very easy to use for house planning, room planning and more, it has lots of templates that you can choose from depending on what you want to do. it is very suitable for 2d floor sketching work.

The good thing about it is that it can be use on the go, with any browser, all you need is to connect your internet and start using the software application.

The bad side of it is that it only gives users 7 days trial period, so if after the trial period you have not finished with your sketch it means you have to upgrade to paid feature to continue.

Apart from that it is not too usefull for professional house planning work because of the stitfness of its operations.

Floorplannerfloor plan software

This tool is for everyone irrespective of your occupation, it is a solftware tool that can quickly help you draw your floor plan in 2d or 3d format. It is very easy to use and does not required much training to master.

The good thing about it is that it surport all broswer and suport multi device like laptop, tablet and mobile phones. Apart from that it has a room wizard that guide you through out your work proress.

Floor Planner is divided into four different project levels, the project level one represent the standard definition image quality and the maximum image size is about 960 x 540 pixels

The project level 2 represent high definition quality images and the largest size of imahes is about 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The project 3 and 4 have all features of project 1 and 2 and also have 3d tour in the projet 3 and a photorealistic image features in the project 4.

The pricing symtem is design to favour all category of users and they have flexible payment symtem. the downside of floorplanner is that you can only use the basic project level 1 for free.

Planner 5Dhome design tools

This is another good quality house or room design software tool which is  perfect for amatuer individual who want to start house or floor plan drawing.

It is ideal for almost all platform and devices and you can  either to start from scratch with your floor plan drawing or upload existing floor plan and model it to 3D using drag and drop method. 

You can easily creat a 2D floor plan and later stwich to 3D mode to insert windows and others features. The downside of it is that some of the 3d feature are really to expensive to purchase.

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